Custom Logging with Python

Python’s logging module provides simple yet powerful features that allow you to log either to a file or to the console.

I decided to build something similar, albeit a minimalistic and lightweight one. It comes pretty handy when debugging large scale applications too.

Python Console Logs
Python Console Output

We have just one method – ConsoleWrite(messageType, message, variable=None)

  • messageType : Defines what the current line in the log is. The values I set for this are usually INFO, DEBUG, ERROR or WARNING. The value set here shows up after the timestamp and before the actual log.
  • message : The actual log statement.
  • variable [Default – None] : Optional parameter that can be used to debug variables. When this parameter is set, the method will print the variable type, and its value.  When I use this I like to set the value of the message parameter to the variable name.

The Code


Simply use the ConsoleWrite method like this:

Here, the ConsoleWrite method is used in both the log and debug phases.

The Output

As seen here, this gives a pretty nice, well formatted  and informative display. This can be easily modified to write to the file instead of the console.

You can view the whole code on GitHub.


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