A custom DNS Resolver

Last month I had to build a DNS resolver for a course that I’m taking.
I’ve uploaded the code for this to https://github.com/adarshdec23/DNS-Resolver.

A write up of what exactly has been done will follow. But for now there are reports and a README that contain information on how the two programs have to be run.


There are two similar programs that can be combined into one:

  • mydig.py: A program similar to dig. Provides a similar interface. It can be run by invoking:
    python mydig.py <url> <record_type>
  • q2.py: This is the more interesting of the two. This contains an implementation of DNSSEC as I have understood it. Writing it was quite a fascinating leaning experience.

Output and commands to run both of the programs can be found in the README.

Here’s a sample output from mydig:





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